Another School Reunion

I’ve been thinking lately about what draws people to get-togethers with their former high school classmates years after graduation. It makes sense of course to want to reconnect with those who were good friends, but I suspect those who wish to do so are in the minority, that there are a variety of other reasons compelling attendance.

High school was and is a contrived culture dictated by overseers in an artificial environment with time restrictions, attendance demands and pecking order. Those in charge, aware their charges harbor under-developed brains tolerate them on the basis of their cooperativeness, a fact not lost on the average intelligence who may opt to suck up to those in charge, rebel and play the renegade or simply accept the situation and persevere; we all know which behaviors can expect future social and economic success.

It’s mostly out of curiosity, then, that reunion attendance occurs. Everyone is wondering how so and so made it through life to this point given how tenuous his/her potential survival appeared back then.

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