Living Life to the fullest

Seventh sphere 3It’s time to challenge myself…………..It’s not like I’m bored; I’ve plenty to keep me busy and interested…..I just feel like I need stimulation; something to force myself out of my comfort zone, expand my experiences and live larger.

I’ve been contemplating my options: sky diving, bungee jumping and rock climbing all have appeal but I’m deathly afraid of heights.  I could go the social route and volunteer in the schools or nursing home but with all those rammy kids or blind old people I could easily get stepped on.

I think I’ll offer myself for adoption at the Salvation Army.  I know it’s a serious risk: who knows what kind of situation I could get in to, but I could make some little girl happy and in addition meet some new dolls and people.  If worse comes to worse and I end up in a dysfunctional family I’ll just remember what Nietzsche said: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

2 thoughts on “Living Life to the fullest

  1. Dear Deidei,

    You’re put your finger on the pulse of what ails us. We’re discontent. The Winter solctice and the failed Christmas expectations drive us to find a solution. New Year’s resolutions. Oh, please forget about everything that Nietzsche said. Just look at how discontent he was.

    Your Friend,


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