The Dollsheviks

I was thinking, the other day about Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Bolsheviks who overthrew the Tsarist monarchy and established the People’s Republic- a social organization in which all people participated and shared equally in the fruits of their labors. What a truly great idea!
Well, I guess that was the way it was supposed to work, but as truly as mankind has an inherent social conscience, a concern for it’s fellows, it also has an inherent selfishness, an inherent primacy of concern for number one.
So, as almost always happens among people of unequal abilities and more or less selfish inclinations the power and control and wealth gravitated into the hands of the few and the promised equality never materialized.
Despite the drawbacks I still think the idea has potential, at least for dollkind. Dolls, at least most of the one’s I know tend to be compliant and generally happy beings. Many maintain a constant smile on their faces. They’re able to keep their egos in check and very seldom complain when left out in the rain or are ignored to gather dust for weeks at a time. Most have no inclination to lord it over their fellows in any way. Establishing a Socialist Dolls’ Republic, it seems to me, would be just the thing to insure we’re all dusted off occasionally, have our minor damages repaired, you know, get fair and equal treatment.
I think I’ll offer the idea at the next meeting of the Dollsheviks; I think we could make it happen without the need for a revolution.
near vilnius 3

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