Dreams and Consciousness

I’ve been reading about dreams lately. Not about Freudian interpretations like what it might mean to dream about being naked in public but, rather, about the nature of consciousness. Rather about, if, in deep dreamless sleep, one is still conscious and how in terms of consciousness one experiences dreaming.

Most of my dreams, the ones I remember, I recall upon awakening as experiences in which I’m present as a participant. Lucid dreams, on the other hand, are ones in which, in the dream, I might find myself standing outside the action viewing myself participating in whatever adventure my sleeping imagination might decide to conjure; which, I guess, is like out of body experiences.

OBE’s have been recorded over time immemorial by all sorts of people and have sometimes been interpreted as an actual second or astral body separating from the physical one to go onto adventures of it’s own. A terrific thought, I must admit, but neuro-scientists are dubious.

Apparently one can acquire, overtime, the ability to dream lucidly and I’m thinking about trying to obtain such a skill. I think it might make my dreams of nakedness less distressful, you know, being a member of the audience.


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