Intuitive Thinking/ Analytical Thinking

I was reading the other day that psychological research suggests that those folks who think intuitively are more likely to embrace a personal god than people of a more analytical mind set. Apparently, as it turns out, those who base their thoughts on instinctual understanding are inclined toward a mind/body dichotomy, a separation of the mental and physical that presupposes an existence beyond mortality and lends itself well to religious belief. On the other hand, the analytically minded, using reason to frame reality are far less inclined to figure in any sort of supernatural agency when defining the Big Picture.

I’m inclined to think that most of us harbor a bit of both mindsets, at least, I know that I do. I, alternately, seek to reason and understand and sense and accept the presence of the unknowable. Psychology suggests it’s far easier to embrace the intuitive, which is a more natural mental state, while analytical thinking requires hard work, pushing the intellect to find order in the complexities of the world. Finding a balance, for me, isn’t so easy. I can peacefully revel in the beauty of nature where the supernatural lies in wait and then find myself working pretty hard to make logical sense of what I experience around me.

I guess I’ll just have to let my mind go where it will, relax in intuitive oblivion or analytically battle the difficulties before me, as my energies dictate. I have time for both.

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4 thoughts on “Intuitive Thinking/ Analytical Thinking

  1. Having spent time in both “spaces” I feel like my ego is attached to my analytical thinking…and my intuitive sense is much more direct. Following it I can know where to be and when to be there. Living intuitively is just easier. It’s more fun. You get more information about a situation that you don’t have to work so hard for. The ease and truth of my intuition causes me to feel and grow my feeling of safety. My new blog is my intuition at work….or maybe my intuition in play…

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