Do you ever get picked on?

I’ve been having problems lately at doll school.  This Chucky doll has been making fun of me, teasing me for having a visible fusion seam that runs around my entire body, of being monochromatic, of always wearing the same dress.  He’s relentless and I feel persecuted.

But I’ve gotten to thinking about people who have suffered truly abominable persecutions. Take St. Sebastian.  He was tied to a post and shot full of arrows and when that didn’t kill him he was clubbed to death-just for having unacceptable religious beliefs.  Then there was Giordano Bruno who had his tongue cut out and was burned at the stake just for having the audacity to suggest there were probably intelligent beings on other planets.

Well, I guess I can deal with Chucky.  I’ll just ignore him; if that doesn’t work maybe I can get my friend Ken to teach him some manners.  I know, I know, retribution isn’t the answer but sometimes it sure is pleasing to contemplate.

St. Sebastian 3

3 thoughts on “Do you ever get picked on?

  1. Deidei,

    The problem with bullying is a serious one and Ken Doll may need more than lessons. I’m sure you will make the right decision. I just want to remind you that your school authorities are required by law to address the kind of problems you are facing.

    Religous persecution is the most vile kind because it is perpetrated by those in authority.

    There is a special place in hell for those who don’t protect the innocent or who cover up the crimes of others who abuse them. Religous and ideological authorities have historically been the most horrendous perpetrators of such institutionalized criminal violence.

    Your Good Friend.

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