The demons are after me these days.  They’re insinuating themselves into my consciousness relentlessly and in ever more devious ways.  They invade my psyche with unhelpful thoughts.  They seek and find my psychic weaknesses-poke at them to bring them to the surface.

They manifest themselves in the most unlikely places, turning friends into evil antagonists, pleasant situations into depressing occurrences.  I must be on my toes constantly to identify their presence-separate them from normalcy.  They come by so frequently lately I’m beginning to be able to identify each individually:

There’s Andros the sewer of discord, Alastor the personification of curses and the host of Hindu Rakshasas poking and pestering but perhaps the greatest distress emanates from Kali who is constantly inciting me to violent action.

I’m consolidating my energies.  Soon I’ll call them together and give them each a sound thrashing.  It may have to wait until spring.


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