The Nature of Love

I was thinking the other day how emotions sometimes creep up on a person, how they seem to come out of nowhere. Suddenly one finds herself overwhelmingly attracted to someone for no apparent good reason; logic doesn’t seem to play a part in what might be called, I suppose, love at first sight, but may be better described as ‘animal attraction’.

If the object of one’s desire shows any sort of mutual interest things can get pretty complicated.  When one finds herself deeply in love it often comes as a revelation; one moment content living the single life and suddenly emotionally connected to another.  Such a situation can considerably upset one’s well-established independent life-style; tensions will invariably emerge and a re-evaluation of the situation will more than likely be necessary.

At this point a not insignificant dilemma has developed; one must weigh the idea of returning to the peacefulness of single existence against the occasional elation and/or camaraderie of the relationship.  The realization that both parties must assume a stance of ‘give and take’ if the union is to be successfully sustained will bring to light the personal differences the individuals bring to the table.

And, those differences can be significant.


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