I’ve been trying to make sense, lately, of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer’s concept of ‘Will’. As far as I can tell, rather than connoting the generally held understanding of the term as having to do with conscious desire, mood swings or self-awareness, ‘Will’ for Schopenhauer is the non-living force, the undifferentiated, timeless, space less, noumenal Oneness from which all differentiated phenomena (including us) is manifest. This means, I guess, that we all share a common origin that may account for our moral proprieties, compassion and fellow-feeling.

Well, as I was contemplating this recently during a three hour flight, the beauty of the idea really hit home. I found myself in an aisle seat in the last plane row right next to the rest rooms. After drinks were served a flow of humanity descended upon me, enveloping me in what I can only imagine must be very much like the primordial ‘Will’ in which we all swam and to which we will return.

I must say the experience was a striking realization of how connected we sentient beings are, at least in a very general sense; so simpatico, comfortable in our oneness as long as we don’t individuate too much. It was actually fairly pleasant in remembrance until I discovered I had acquired an unfamiliar germ that caused me a bit of distress.

existential angst

One thought on “Oneness

  1. That is one way to self realize oneness 🙂

    In my perspective – Another way I look at it is – Life as I know it cannot exist to me the way it exist to me until I exist first to me. Every form, every imagination as I know it, is through this me that I think is me. So thus me and the world outside of me is a projection of me that I think is me. So is the other, another, every other is a reflection of me.

    If interested checkout the “About” page on my blog, I tried to put it in words about “One”

    Thank you for sharing and letting me share 🙂

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