The Seven Deadly Sins

I’ve been thinking about the goings-on in the political realm, lately, in terms of the seven deadly sins the fourth century church fathers saw fit to impose on their faithful practitioners. I suppose those early church leaders may have been thinking of the moral health of the people, at least to some degree, while imposing a social order that was disregarded under penalty of mortal oblivion.

It appears the current flock are not as concerned about sinful mortality as they might have been centuries ago considering what appears to be widespread desires for more, more, more, material excesses and gluttonous consumption while basking in the vegetative state.

But, it seems to me these indiscretions are pretty minor compared to the behaviors of some of those seeking public office these days. What it all appears to come down to is hubris of monumental dimension, which, if we are to give credence to Dante, who gave this issue considerable thought, placed the prideful in the deepest bowels of his Inferno. Not scary anymore, I guess.

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