Contributing to the Social Good

I’ve been thinking it may be time for me to step up and do a little more for those around me. I have for some time been the recipient of a very favorable social environment which has enabled me to live my quite serene life of artistic endeavor and contemplation. But, lately it seems to me that simply offering my unassuming, benevolent countenance is maybe a bit lacking; I could, perhaps, do something more for my neighbors. I don’t think I’m a good candidate for public office of any sort and policing or firefighting is beyond my abilities but it sure seems I should be able to find some way to be of service.

A friend suggested, when I put the dilemma to him, that the best thing I could do for mankind is simply stand aside-just stay out of the way, by which I assume he meant I should let those with energy and capabilities make the things that need to happen, happen.

I still think there must be something, some small skill I could share that might be beneficial. I do like to read, so perhaps I could build a little free library. Then I could fill it with philosophy books. It seems to me it would certainly be a good thing if I were able to turn my neighbors into enlightened liberal thinkers.


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