An Aversion to Heat

I’ve found myself, lately, inextricably rooted in a mindset of cynicism that I think may be due to being in the heat of these southern climes where I am temporarily residing.

Cynicism is not foreign to my nature by any means but it seems to have assumed a stronger grip on my thought processes these days as I endure temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s. For example, when I see all the elderly individuals down here, plodding along on their walkers or holding up traffic in their golf carts, rather than commiserate, I am drawn to thinking that their migration to these sunny climes is but preparation for their soon to experience date with the crematory oven.

And then there’s the ubiquitous border patrol’s insidious presence on the roadways seeking to intercept any illicit Hispanic migrants who might be crossing the border looking for honest work. And this is not to mention the legions of homeless individuals on bicycles, pulling wagons containing all of their worldly belongings, sleeping in the parks while being ignored by a government adverse to social provision of any sort.

Anyway, I’m thinking it may just be the heat that has me so off-center; it may be time to proceed north to cooler climes and a more compassionate perspective.


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