I seem to be existing, these days, in a state of limbo, not knowing, when I awake in the morning, whether the weather demands long johns or permits short sleeves. Well, it’s not just the weather. It’s also the whether, loose ends and multiple mental directions that have interrupted my normally productive routine.

I understand that, theologically, Limbo has a lot to do with Original Sin. It is, I guess, a place reserved for those who, having given up the ghost but who haven’t had the opportunity to participate in those actions necessary to ensure residence in either the heavenly realm or The Deeps, must go to wait awhile. Maybe a long while, so I understand.

I don’t see the limbo I’m experiencing to be quite so serious. I’m pretty sure I’ll snap out of it soon. Maybe when the weather improves so I can spend more time outside I’ll be able to pull myself together.




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